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Frequently Asked Questions

My preferred combination isn’t available. What do I do?

Someone may already own it, to find an alternative, read our tips, or call us on 0800 650 111

I don’t own a car – can I buy a personalised plate?

Yes you can. You can buy personalised plates and then get them made at a later date, when you have a registered vehicle to attach them to.

How many characters fit on a personalised plate?

Up to six characters for cars and trucks, and up to five characters for motorcycles and trailers.

Can I include spaces as part of my plate combination?

Yes, but only if your combination has fewer characters than the maximum character allowance or includes an ‘I’ or ‘1’.

Why was my combination not allowed?

Some combinations don’t fit with our guidelines because they are deemed unsociable, confusing or offensive. You can view our guidelines here.

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