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Are there additional fees?

There are no additional fees involved in using our Layby Plans, however, if you cancel a Layby at any time during the Layby Agreement, a $100 cancellation fee will apply.

Are these Plates the same size Plates they have in America?

Yes, our authentic sized American Plates are 305 x 153mm which are designed to fit within the recess of most American Cars, just like they do in the USA. 

Can I cancel or change my order?

Once orders are processed your combination is final.

You can change your plate design within 30 calendar days, as long as you haven’t requested that the plates be manufactured. After this point your plates are non-refundable (except as required under the Consumer Guarantees Act).

You can change the design of your plates any time.

Read more on our Terms of Sale.

Can I change my Layby plan once I have started making payments?

Once a Layby Plan has started, you will be unable to change the plan or frequency of instalments. Please choose your Layby Plan carefully.

Can I change my order?

You can only change your order once your final payment has been received (additional costs may incur). If you wish to change your order, call us on 0800 650 111.

Can I change the plate style but keep my current combination?

Yes. click here to begin your new design.

Can I edit the message that I currently have on my message plates?
Why was my combination not allowed?

Some combinations don’t fit with our guidelines because they are deemed unsociable, confusing or offensive. You can view our guidelines here.

Can I Restyle a plate for someone as a gift?

Only the original plate owner can request to get their plates Restyled. A gift voucher can make a good substitute if you’re wanting to Restyle someone else’s plate as a gift.

Can we get Plate frames for this size?

We do not sell Plate frames and are not sure what sizing is available. 

Do gift vouchers expire?

Yes, a gift voucher is valid for twelve (12) months from the date of purchase.

Do gift vouchers expire?

Yes, a gift voucher is valid for twelve (12) months from the date of purchase.

Do you have the American size Plate in standard design?

Currently, they're only available with the American design.

How are gift vouchers sent?

Once purchased, the gift voucher will be emailed to you.  

How are gift vouchers sent?

Once purchased, the gift voucher will be emailed to you.

How can I contact you?

Please see our contact us page.

How can I find out if an old plate is still in my name?

Call 0800 REMAKE.

How can I get my plates manufactured?

Call 0800 REMAKE or click here

How can I pay for my Layby?

You can pay for your Layby by debit/credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Amex).

Recurring payments will be automatically deducted from the same debit/credit card account used for your deposit payment.

How can I redeem a gift voucher?

Call us on 0800 650 111 to place an order.

How can I redeem a gift voucher?

Call us on 0800 650 111 to place an order.

How do I buy a plate as a gift?

You can buy someone a personalised plate as a gift on our website by clicking here. You can buy them the combination and we will send you a "Rights to Receive" certificate to gift on the day. 

How do I change the registered owner of my plates?

You and the new plate owner will need to complete a Transfer of Entitlement Form and send a copy to the government plate manufacturer Licensys.

How do I make payments on the instalments?

Your instalments will be automatically deducted from your account using the same debit/credit card used to pay the deposit.

How do I Restyle a plate?

Enter in your current Personalised or Government issue plate combination (that’s registered in your name) in the box above, and choose the design and font colour you want. These will then be shipped to you within 10-15 working days.

How do I sell my old plates?

Find a buyer by listing your plates here. Once sold, you’ll need to complete a transfer of entitlement form and send it to the government plate manufacturer Licensys.

How do I transfer my plate to a different vehicle?

Call into any AA or VTNZ office and complete the appropriate form.

How long can I layby my plates for?

We offer 3 different Layby plans to make getting a plate even easier.

  1. Weekly – Pay every 7 days for 12 Instalments
  2. Fortnightly – Pay every 14 days for 8 Instalments
  3. Monthly - Pay every 28 days for 4 Instalments
How long will it take for my plates to be manufactured?

Please allow 7 to 10 working days to receive your Plates. Message Plates take a bit longer so please allow up to 15 working days.

How many plates can I Layby at a time?

You can only Layby 1 plate per order. However you can have multiple Layby orders under your name.

How much is my plate worth?

Since every plate is different, it's difficult to say. Here are some points to help you value your plates: 

  • Generic plates that appeal to a wide range of people tend to fetch more than plates that reflect a very personal message or interest.
  • Correct spelling rather than substitutions (ie using 1 for and I) can increase value.
  • A highly desired word, name or phrase will attract a higher price.

Check out plate marketplaces to see what other private sellers are asking but remember these prices reflect the value views of the individual plate owners.

I already own an American Plate can I still get this new Plate size?

Yes, you can Restyle your existing American Plate to this new size here.

I am selling my car – can I keep my plates?

Yes. Take your car to an AA or VTNZ office and complete the appropriate form. To keep government-issue plates, you’ll need to redesign them first.

I just made my last payment, what happens now?

If you’ve chosen to have your plates manufactured when you started your Layby, then your plates will be sent to you automatically. If you chose to get them made later, you’ll need to request to get them manufactured. You can do this by calling the government issued plate manufacturers Licensys NZ on 0800 REMAKE. Make sure your plate order details are correct before you request your plates to be manufactured. Additional fees will apply if your request to manufacture is 90 days after your final payment date.

I’m Restyling my Government issue plates. What happens next?

When you Restyle a Government issue plate, the plate combination becomes registered in your name and you can take it with you from car to car (just like a personalised plate).

I’ve gifted someone a plate. How can they have the plates made?

The person you gifted the plates to must request that the government plate manufacturer Licensys make their plates within 90 days of the purchase date.  After 90 days an additional fee will be charged.

I’ve got my plates designed, what do I do with my old plates?

Send your old plates back using the same pre-paid postage box your new plates arrive in.

I've purchased plates but haven't received them. Where are they?

If you’ve requested that your plates be made and have not received them after 15 working days, call 0800 REMAKE or click here.

If you didn’t select "make them now", when placing your order, call 0800 REMAKE or click here.

How do I start a layby?

Once you've chosen your combination and design, simply select Layby as your payment option at checkout, choose a Layby Plan and pay the deposit

Is KiwiPlates launching Investment plates?

No, KiwiPlates is introducing blue font plates (a new font cololur available on a select number of plate designs). These are not investment plates. 

Can I get my investment plates remade in the new blue font colour?

You can get most plates redesigned in the new blue colour. To see what options are available, please visit the Restyle page on our website or you can contact us on 0800 650 111 and one of our team will be able to help. 

What is the difference between blue font plates and investment plates?

Blue plates offer a new font colour which can be added to a select number of plate designs. They are not marketed in conjunction with particular combinations and are not sold or advertised as investment plates.

Will blue font plates devalue my current investment plates?

The value of a plate is mainly determined by the combination, not the design. Blue font plates are a new design option available across a range of designs. 

What are my current plates worth?

KiwiPlates are unable to provide a value on what your plates are worth. However, you can check out our plate marketplace or Trademe to see what other private sellers are asking. 

How do I gift a personalised plate?

If you know the combination you want, buy it online or on 0800 650 111 and well send you a "Rights to Receive" certificate to gift on the day. The recipient can then call the plate manufacturer and request the plates to be manufactured within 90 days – for free.

My preferred combination isn’t available. What do I do?

Someone may already own it, to find an alternative, read our tips, or call us on 0800 650 111

How many characters fit on a personalised plate?

Up to six characters for cars and trucks, and up to five characters for motorcycles and trailers.

I don’t own a car – can I buy a personalised plate?

Yes you can. You can buy personalised plates and then get them made at a later date, when you have a registered vehicle to attach them to.

What do I do if my plates are lost, stolen or damaged?

Call 0800 REMAKE or click here to arrange for new plates.

What do I do with my old plates?

Send your old plates back using the same pre-paid postage box your new plates arrive in.

What do I need to know about buying from a private seller?
  1. Call 0800 REMAKE to check that the seller owns the plates.
  2. Send a completed Transfer of Entitlement Form to the government plate manufacturer Licensys.
  3. Ring 0800 REMAKE to have your plates manufactured.
  4. Contact us if you’d like to change the plate style.
What is a 'Rights to Receive' certificate?

This is an exclusive and transferable right to receive and display a selected combination on a personalised registration plate for a motor vehicle in New Zealand.

What is the difference between creating a new plate and redesigning my plate?

By creating a new plate, you’re buying the rights to a new plate combination. Redesigning a plate, means that you are changing the style of existing personalised plates that you already own. Click here to view the styles available.

When can I get my plates manufactured?

Plates on Layby can only be manufactured AFTER you’ve made your final Layby payment.   

Who is RoboVoucher?

RoboVoucher is the secure platform we use to manage our gift vouchers.

Why can’t I manufacture a personalised plate to give as a gift?

It’s a legal requirement that only the vehicle owner can request a personalised plate to be manufactured and displayed on their vehicle.

Can I include spaces as part of my plate combination?

Yes, but only if your combination has fewer characters than the maximum character allowance or includes an ‘I’ or ‘1’.

Will I get a new registration label with my new plates?

Yes, this will be enclosed with your plates and will need to be displayed on your dash within five working days of receiving them.

Will the Plate come with pre-drilled holes?

Yes they will come with 2 pre-drilled holes.

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