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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I gift a personalised plate?

If you know the combination you want, buy it online or on 0800 650 111 and well send you a "Rights to Receive" certificate to gift on the day. The recipient can then call the plate manufacturer and request the plates to be manufactured within 180 days – for free.

Why can’t I manufacture a personalised plate to give as a gift?

It’s a legal requirement that only the vehicle owner can request a personalised plate to be manufactured and displayed on their vehicle.

What is a 'Rights to Receive' certificate?

This is an exclusive and transferable right to receive and display a selected combination on a personalised registration plate for a motor vehicle in New Zealand.

Do gift vouchers expire?

Yes, a gift voucher is valid for twelve (12) months from the date of purchase.

How are gift vouchers sent?

Once purchased, the gift voucher will be emailed to you.

How can I redeem a gift voucher?

Call us on 0800 650 111 to place an order.

How are the E-Cards sent?

Once you have selected the desired combination and plate design, fill out your details and the owners/giftees details. You can then select to have the rights to receive, and E-card sent to yourself or the giftee.

Can I Preview the E-card before sending it as a gift?

We understand the importance of getting it right. You can take a sneak peek at your e-card, tweak the message, and make sure it's a heartfelt expression of your feelings before it reaches the recipient.

Can I schedule the delivery of the E-card?

We want to ensure a seamless experience, but currently, we do not support the scheduling of delivery dates for your E-card. These are typically delivered as soon as the order is processed. 

If you are purchasing your gift in advance, we suggest opting to have the Ecard sent to yourself, once you’re ready you can then forward the Ecard and rights to receive to the giftee 

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