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Here’s a plate story that’s clocking a lot of kilometres -  and it’s not over yet.

 After just a few dates, Bridget & Topher scribbled down a plan for a 3 year road trip around the world. Partnering with their Jeep 'Gunther' they took their DLSR camera's and drone to record their epic journey.

Expedition Earth is the name of their journey and that’s the reason they chose the plate EE01 for Gunther. They launched Expedition Earth from Deadhorse, Alaska, the highest drivable point in the Americas. At the time of launch, temperatures were sitting between -15 and -30C. They jumped into Gunther, turned the ignition aaand... nothing. Apparently Topher had left the headlights on and Gunther was flat. Eventually, at 1am, they found a very drunk local who gave them a jump start. They then drove a whole 5km out of town and went to bed hungry and cold. Their food was frozen solid and the cooking gas had turned to liquid. The first day of a 350,000km journey, began with only 5km on the clock.

Since then Bridget and Topher have put many KMs on the clock and their must see destinations so far include, South Bolivia, South Peru, Northern Chile, West Namibia, Ethiopia, Iceland and Siberia. 

Among their biggest challenges were navigating through Ethiopia, the country was experiencing tribal conflicts and Sudan, a civil war. Because neither country was allowing the withdrawal of cash from banks or the use of international bank cards, they had to carry cash to get through both countries which made them targets. Due to petrol shortages, they also had to buy petrol from the black market that was 300% overpriced.

Expedition Earth has always been a team effort and Gunther is considered a valuable member of the team. So named after a German man, Gunther Holtorf, who traveled 560,000 miles across the world in his vehicle “Otto”. After years of trying to track Mr Holtorf down, Bridget and Topher finally had a chance to meet him. They drove for three days, 5,674km, from Norway to Bavaria, Germany where they introduced Mr Holtorf to Gunther.

This year Bridget and Topher will be adding a new team member, their Gladiator, Roman. Roman will don the plate EE02, leaving plenty of space for their team to grow.

Everybody has an epic story to tell. Tell yours with a personalised plate.

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