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Mig and Scott are two fishing mad cousins who host their television show ‘Fishing and Adventure’.

The show follows the duo as they fish, dive and hunt their way around New Zealand destinations on their trusty Surtees 7.5m trailer boat ‘Holy Ship’.  “We started out doing a lot of amateur fishing missions in the coromandel and now have been fortunate enough to graduate into something a bit more serious.”   

 "We always try to bring a new element each year to keep it interesting, and our boat (Holy Ship) is as much of a character in the show as we are. Hence the plate."

 The cuzzies grew up fishing together in a pretty big fishing family, always out gathering kai and having a good feed. But when they looked around on TV for a fishing show they could relate to, all they found were shows aimed at “your dad.” They figured, with their love of adventure and some pretty good banter, they’d take a crack at creating a younger feeling show. 

 "So we started it (the show) and learned a heap of stuff as we went and we’ve just finished our eighth season."

 Mig and Scott say a huge amount of work has gone into the show and the shooting days are long, but they make sure, regardless, that they get all the footage they need. “We’re pretty good at finding fish,” says Scott, “but we make sure the show isn’t too technical or snobby. We want everyone to enjoy the show, not just the hardcore experienced crew.” 

 Scott is also a car enthusiast and owns a number of personalised plates. “Mig and me are always out and about doing stuff, and proud of it,” he says. “ Our plates are a pretty natural extension of who we are. Fishing and adventure is literally our life, it’s what we live for.” 

 And Holy Ship they do it well! 

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