Juliet McKenzie

Juliet McKenzie’s husband would often go to get a tank or tee from his drawer only to find that Juliet was already wearing it. It was because of this love for her husband’s shirts that Juliet’s HIS SHIRT clothing label was born.

”The great thing about HIS SHIRT is that like my husband’s actual shirts, the line is comfortable enough to wear to bed, but elegant enough to be dressed up and worn out for the evening,” says Juliet.

As a business woman, Juliet has a strong work ethic coupled with a willingness to take risks and try new things. Juliet started out as a primary school teacher and has not only a teaching degree, but another in computer graphic design under her belt too. Currently working full-time for Ignition Motor Group Ltd while also running HIS SHIRT online for the last three years, Juliet qualifies as a little more than ‘busy.’

But that doesn’t get in the way of her creativity. “I loved the creative process of choosing my plates,” Juliet says. She chose the Euro Plate with the Silver Fern and Southern Cross to represent that HIS SHIRT is proudly a kiwi-owned business.

“I wanted plates for HIS SHIRT because they’re an effective and affordable way to advertise. For a relatively small investment you get a big return.”

With a plate proudly sporting the name HSHIRT, combined with the European stylings of her new Peugeot, it’s the perfect representation of her brand's unique and sophisticated aesthetic.

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Juliet McKenzie Plate
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Euro - Black/Black

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