Jimi Jackson

Jimi Jackson is a name that needs little introduction to New Zealanders. As a self-made actor, comedian and filmmaker, Jimi has performed to sold out shows across Aotearoa and Australia.

Jimi is someone who’s used to challenging himself. When we asked him about some of the challenges he now faces as a comedian/actor, he said, “My biggest challenges are raising my kids lmao!” That’s why “CAIRO” is on a new plate taking pride of place on his (also) brand new wheels, named after his son Cairo Van Rooyen Jackson.

 Jimi originally wanted to be a successful rapper, but since he’s discovered his natural performing talent, all he wants to do now is act.  Jimi began his comedy career shooting Vines on his mum’s iPad back in 2013. By his own admission, he’d always been the class clown distracting everyone from their school work, but he never knew he had a gift for comedy until he started making videos. With over a million subscribers to his YouTube channel, it’s pretty obvious his gift is there for all to see .

 Jimi’s career is already loaded with stellar highlights, most recently by releasing his first movie, Alien Addiction, online. As Jimi has progressed from Vine videos to stand up to film, his career as an actor is on the rise: but the most important role for Jimi right now is still as a father.

 “(Cairo’s) the king of the world in my eyes,” says Jackson, so after he recently bought a new Holden, putting his son’s name proudly on his car was the natural thing to do. “That car is pretty much his anyway,” he jokes, “and I’d always wanted a Personalised Plate - they’re awesome, why wouldn’t you get one?!”

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