Ford runs in Kelsey Ross’s veins. Being raised in a family of passionate Ford collectors has made sure of that.

That’s why she chose to put her name KLSEY proudly on her beloved Ford Falcon. Historically considered a vehicle that males like to drive, Kelsey knows being a female Falcon enthusiast is something of a rarity.

As a proud member of the NZ Ford Falcon club, which she adds “has five females and 3000 males,” Kelsey is not deterred by being a woman in a blokey car culture. When she’s not working as a graphic designer, she organises car meets and car cruises within the North Island, and has built up a steady following on Instagram.

“I know my Falcon isn’t the coolest,” says Kelsey, “but I’m always getting recognised at meets because of my plate, which has led to a lot more opportunities to get involved. I love being recognised as Kelsey with the Falcon and it’s led to me hosting events!”

“I’ll have my plate for life and just like my Falcon it’s a lifetime investment, there’s no way I’ll be selling it.”

Kelsey’s dream car is the Ford Falcon 2011 F6 Turbo but with only 11 in the country, she might need to wait a while before she can get hers. “I’m more than happy with my present Falcon - it’s my car for life, and the same goes for my personalised plate. In fact, I bought the plate before I bought my car - I think buying the plate actually propelled me to get a car that deserved to wear it. And it ain’t coming off!”

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