Kim Stone

Kim Stone is the fundraising manager for Rottweiler Rescue. Since starting there a few years ago Kim has rescued a couple of hundred Rotties.

Rottweiler Rescue is a charity that rescues and rehomes Rottie’s nationwide. Kim says it’s definitely a sad fact that too many of them are backyard bred, sometimes just for money. They are the cutest puppies but at about 2 years old, untrained and huge they often become prospects for rehoming.

Kim's favourite Rottweiler of all is her Rottie, Skater. She’s the reason Kim started volunteering for Rottie Rescue, a cuddly, loyal companion who’s been a light for Kim through some very hard times. 

Their SKATEE plate combination is Skater’s nickname and comes from Kim always texting ‘Skatee’ instead of ‘Skater’.

On their other car is the personalised plate combination R0TTEE. Kim looks at personalised plates as a business card and the finishing touch on a car, so what better way to show off a bright red car than with a bright red plate. Kim says the plates are great for top of mind recall, people remember the plate and remember what they do.

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