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When your brand is called No Ugly, it’s a bold statement, but standing out from the crowd is what Jo and Aaron Taylor, founders of No Ugly, do best.

Initially a recovery drink for hangovers, it has quickly grown into the science based, whole body, well-being solution that people know and love today. And from easily identifiable bottles on the shelves to their innovative Swappa Crate Program van that proudly wears SWAPPA plates, No Ugly is bold and confident. 

“We created No Ugly to help people get balance, better sleep, better skin, better gut, all the stuff that modern life takes out of you.”

It’s all part of Jo and Aaron’s big dreams and unstoppable lust for life. As the brains behind one of New Zealand’s fastest growing wellness brands, the two former ad executives have found a way to help people get away from the ugly, exhausting side of modern life and, in their own words, “get back to gorgeous.” It wasn’t always that way. No Ugly came to be when Jo and Aaron realised their busy lives, with a big family, big jobs and poor sleep, had become unbalanced. They decided it was the right time to make some bold moves to bring wellness back into their lives and luckily, ours too. 

Jo and Aaron’s swappa crate service is another way that No Ugly is helping us get away from the ugly side of life, by swapping out crates of empty bottles with a dozen fresh ones and returning the empties to O-I glass. O-I reuse the glass in the most efficient way possible, saving it from being lost in Auckland’s broken recycling program and creating a win-win for the environment and the community. And true to form, the No Ugly swappa service van with it’s SWAPPA plates are making a bold and recognisable statement.

“We’re all about being visible and bold and that’s what our travelling swappa crate program van is”

Boldness is who Jo and Aaron are and their brand is a reflection of that. They have a saying  – be the flame, not the moth! And with their Swappa crate van and SWAPPA plates we can safely say they are looking fire!!

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