David Lee Aka Uzeni

At the early age of four Uzeni’s love of cars had already begun. Everywhere he went, he carried a toy car in hand.

Uzeni has now owned 13 real cars. His latest the 2019 Honda Civic Type R was a birthday present from his wife last year and, he says, his last present for the next ten years!

The UZENI plate combination is actually his wife’s name and in Korean means ‘smoked’ or ‘to black out’. Since having the UZENI plate, many people now recognise and call him Uzeni, so he’s adopted the name as his own. 

UZENI once drove past a bunch of teenagers and they were screaming “UZENI!” They took videos of the car and messaged him saying they had spotted UZENI. He says that if the car had standard plates, it wouldn’t be recognized as much. The Hashtag plate makes it easy to find him on Facebook and Instagram.

Uzeni owns three other personalised plates and says that owning a personalised plate adds character to the vehicle and the driver, adding the special power of making you recognisable to the public if you want to stand out.

Stand out and be recognised. Get your personalised plate today.

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