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Choosing a personalised plate

If your ideal combination has already been taken, with just a few clever swaps you could still find one to suit.

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1. Substitute numbers for letters.

Try swapping:

  • Swap O with Zero or a Q 
  • Swap I for 1 or L 
  • Swap A for 4 
  • Swap S for 5 or Z 
  • Swap E for 3 
  • Swap B for 8 
  • Swap G for 6 
  • Swap T for 7
2. Try a different spelling

Consider dropping vowels or swapping letters that sound similar e.g ALLBLC

Frame your combination

Sometimes, framing your combination with a number or letter can help e.g ‘KARL’ is unavailable, but ‘1KARL1’ might still be free.

Not sure where to start?

If you’d like a personalised plate, but not sure which one to get, here are some ideas:

  • Your name, initials or nickname
  • Your lucky number, birthday or anniversary
  • Your favourite sports team or hobby
  • Your car brand or model or nickname
  • A loved one’s name
  • A private joke/memory

Your business name, service

Call our team

If you have questions or would like help finding the right plate combination, call our helpful team on 0800 650 111. 

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