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Our new Authentic Size American Plates are the perfect fit for your hot rod, muscle car or classic.  They're the same size Plates they have in the USA and made to fit the recess of most American cars. Customise your Plate further by adding a message below the combination.

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American Plate Sizing

Made for American cars with authentic sizing matching the Plates they have in the USA.

Authentic American Size305mm x 153mm
NZ Standard Size360mm x 125mm

Restyle your Plate

Add an Authentic Size American design to your Number Plates.

Government Issued Plates

Add a design and font colour to your Government issue plates and get the combination registered in your name (just like a Personalised Plate).

Personalised Plates

Change the design and font colour of your existing Personalised Plates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these Plates the same size Plates they have in America?

Yes, our authentic sized American Plates are 305 x 153mm which are designed to fit within the recess of most American Cars, just like they do in the USA. 

Do you have the American size Plate in standard design?

Currently, they're only available with the American design.

Will the Plate come with pre-drilled holes?

Yes they will come with 2 pre-drilled holes.

Can we get Plate frames for this size?

We do not sell Plate frames and are not sure what sizing is available. 

I already own an American Plate can I still get this new Plate size?

Yes, you can Restyle your existing American Plate to this new size here.

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