Restyle your Plates

Add some style to your plates

Add a new design and font colour to your existing Personalised or Government issue number plates. There’s over 50 designs to choose from including Euro, Slim, Message and American.

Restyle your Plates

Enter an existing number plate combination that’s registered in your name.

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Restyle Guide
Personalised Plates
From $149

Change the design and font colour of your existing personalised plates.

Government issue plates
From $169

Add a design and font colour to your Government issue plates. When you do this, the combination becomes registered in your name (just like a personalised plate).

Popular Plate Designs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Restyle a plate?

Enter in your current Personalised or Government issue plate combination (that’s registered in your name) in the box above, and choose the design and font colour you want. These will then be shipped to you within 10-15 working days.

I’ve got my plates designed, what do I do with my old plates?

Send your old plates back using the same pre-paid postage box your new plates arrive in.

I’m Restyling my Government issue plates. What happens next?

When you Restyle a Government issue plate, the plate combination becomes registered in your name and you can take it with you from car to car (just like a personalised plate).

Can I Restyle a plate for someone as a gift?

Only the original plate owner can request to get their plates Restyled. A gift voucher can make a good substitute if you’re wanting to Restyle someone else’s plate as a gift.

Restyle a Plate today!

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