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Sarah and Otis Frizzell are two characters with one taco truck and the ability to make 150 tacos in an hour.

They’re Lucky Taco, a husband and wife team whose inspiration came while travelling in LA and Mexico, where they tried, in their words, a lot of tacos. While travelling they were struck by the popularity of food trucks, so when they returned home they saw an opportunity to try this fun, vibrant style of eating in New Zealand.  

Their Lucky Taco truck has now become an iconic feature around Auckland and carries their stand out plate LKYTCO. 

"We're naturally big personalities so we think our truck should have personality too, we want people to look at it."

To make a go of Lucky Taco, Sarah packed up her career in advertising and Otis, an established artist, put his work on hold.  Typically, there were hiccups, setbacks and delays but they finally launched their great little brand in 2013 and haven't looked back.

The couple went to town refurbishing their truck to make the grade. “We only have the one truck and we’re always in it,” says Otis, “so it’s been given a lot of love - and it’s only broken down once so far!” In fact, love is a word you often hear when you speak with such a naturally generous couple. I love the whole experience, the truck, the tacos and working as a couple - we don’t outstaff because it’s not just the truck,” says Sarah, “It’s the whole package. Us, the truck, our tacos and the interaction with our customers. It consumes your life, but it’s adrenaline filled and we love it.”

"This isn’t the first plate we’ve had, Otis also has a Jag with CHURBO on it, that’s how he greets people and people love it."

 Sarah says, “The plate is just who we are, we’re Lucky Taco, and we’re lucky to do what we do, we love it and so do the people who come out to enjoy amazing Tacos."

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